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Detailed Usage Statistics at Your Fingertips

Article by Working with Hypar

“Is anyone using it?”

A simple question, with an easy answer. You can now see detailed statistics for the Functions you create on Hypar.

For example, let's say you had a lot of requests for that Space Planning function and it took a while to get it right (editor's note: we launched Hypar Space - so now you don't have to build your own function!). Now management wants to know if people are using it on projects.

Sure, you could walk around and ask, but the people with the spreadsheets are going to want to know the real numbers and whether everyone needs just a little more training.

Now - with a couple of clicks - you can find out how many people have used your creation and their usage patterns over time, letting you and management know whether adoption is going in the right direction.


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Article by Working with Hypar

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