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Healthcare Design with Forsight and Hypar Space

Article by Anthony Hauck


We’ve designed Hypar to combine expertise and technologies from multiple sources to arrive at better decisions faster, with each new Function and Workflow building out an ecosystem of practice familiar to building professionals.

Hypar Space is an open space-planning system that works with external sources of space-planning data. In the past, we’ve shown how designers can populate a spreadsheet template and use the data to configure multiple floors of a building. We expected the incoming data to represent a combination of designer expertise, client requirements, and project stakeholder adjustments, with each sector contributing unique knowledge to the imported space program.

We knew that Hypar, no matter how large its staff, could only ever hope to instantiate a fraction of the building parameters and systems required to represent buildings of every type, in every sector, in any part of the world. Understanding the limits of any single company to change building design and construction for the better, we made sure that Hypar could help many different companies work together, with each making contributions to an ecosystem that supports multiple projects. Our technical model was derived from the way every project works today — teams from multiple companies concentrating on their specialties and reconciling them to become a single building.

Healthcare is a complex and demanding sector. We knew that if we wanted to begin supporting space planning for healthcare facilities, we’d have to work with a group that had long experience and deep knowledge of the sector, and we found that expertise in Forsight digital. Forsight is a SaaS-based offering that healthcare planners use to determine project requirements. Forsight Digital has used their tool on over 14 million square feet of healthcare space throughout the world and is ready to commercialize their offering for professional use. The company was founded by a healthcare architect, an epidemiologist, and a technologist who married their strengths to find insights in healthcare space-planning data. Forsight digital’s goal is to allow anyone building complex facilities to make decisions faster by using publicly available data presented in an easy-to-use interface. Their unique approach uses choreographed patient experience journeys tied to clinical diagnoses to determine building space requirements, major equipment, staff, financial performance, and other operational considerations. Forsight digital uses publicly available sources, so customers do not need to find the data on their own.

The only constant in healthcare is change. Whether financial or operational, every healthcare planner needs to account for project updates. By combining Forsight with Hypar Space, designers can quickly visualize and understand the implications and consequences of project changes and additions directly in the building's digital twin. By including a Hypar Function designed with Forsight digital into a Hypar Space Workflow, their departmental space configuration appears as departments suitable for manual arrangement in an “inside out” process or an automatic distribution of spaces within an existing building. Instead of creating a handful of scenarios, users of Forsight and Hypar Space can easily generate many options with demonstrable differences to discover new solutions.


Multiple domains of knowledge can be captured and analyzed quickly, eliminating the need to wait for subject matter experts to get everything exactly right before beginning work on a physical design. Hypar’s automated approach also makes it easy to see and understand space program changes in mere seconds rather than weeks.

When it’s fast and easy to examine alternatives, designers can create more studies without busting the budget to find a better solution. With rapid feedback and measurable outcomes, designers can instantly demonstrate the effects of changes to clients, helping them to make fast decisions with complete confidence. 

Planners don’t need to wait for designers, designers don’t need to wait for planners, and clients don’t need to wait at all. With the combination of Forsight Digital and Hypar, design teams and their clients rapidly come to an understanding of their program, and can arrive at operational and clinical decisions quickly. The ability to integrate knowledge from multiple disciplines and sectors helps provide the best outcomes for patients and the healthcare professionals that serve them, both today and tomorrow.

An upcoming release will enable Hypar Space to auto place all rooms in a facility, not just department blocks. If you want to learn more, subscribe to Forsight's newsletter with the subject line: Hypar.

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Article by Anthony Hauck

About Anthony Hauck

With more than 20 years experience in architecture, engineering, construction, and IT, followed by 10 years of innovative software development as the Director of Product Management for Revit and the Director of Product Strategy for AEC Generative Design, Anthony has always sought to improve building practices through the strategic application of advanced technologies.