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Prior to joining Hypar, Andrew was a Senior Researcher at WeWork, a Design Technology Specialist at Woods Bagot, and the leader of NBBJ's Design Computation team. He has written more than 20 plug-ins for 3D modeling software like Rhino and Revit, including the popular "Human" and "Human UI" plug-ins for Grasshopper. He has created many bespoke tools for design teams and practices, aiding in the management of project metrics, environmental and urban analysis, and facade design.

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Article by Andrew Heumann

What is Hypar Space? The Future of Space Planning.

Hypar Space is a new web-based tool for space planning, built on the Hypar platform. With Hypar Space, you can take the information you already have — whether that’s a program spreadsheet, a CAD file or Revit model, or even just a scan of a floor...

Introducing Overrides: Partnering with Design Automation