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Ian's early work at Buro Happold identified a need for mobile applications to leverage BIM data. His software goBIM, for the first generation iPhone and iPad, was acquired by Vela systems for use in their Vela Field product, which would later be acquired by Autodesk and become BIM 360 Field. While in Autodesk, his open source visual programming language Dynamo would grow to attract a worldwide community of AEC software developers. In 2017 Ian left his position as the software architect for the AEC Generative Design group in Autodesk to start Hypar with the mission to unlock the world's AEC expertise to generate better buildings. Ian has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Michigan and a Master of Architecture degree from Parsons School of Architecture.

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Article by Ian Keough

Design Automation for Workplaces: How We’re Rethinking Office Design

Modern workplaces have undergone massive changes the past few years. As organizations strive to foster innovation, collaboration, and employee well-being, workplace design has evolved from mere aesthetics to a strategic tool for success.

Automating Structural Engineering and Design with Hypar and SkyCiv